spill stain carpet

Carpet Cleaning

Know the Difference

All carpet cleaning companies are NOT the same. Some come in and quote a ridiculously low price, only to charge extras for "spot cleaning," "fuel surcharge," "chemical" and other items that we include in our bid.

Steam-Cleaning Process

Our price of $.45 a square foot for carpet cleaning includes a pre-treatment, spot cleaning, and a follow-up treatment that restores the proper pH to your carpet to ensure reduce future staining. Our professionally trained technicians use a van-mounted steam cleaning machine that produces temperatures up to 250 degrees to ensure the  best cleaning for your carpet.

Lower your Rate with a Contract

We also offer a "contract rate" for carpet cleaning that gives you half-off our regular rates if you clean your carpets with us once a year. For less than what you'd usually pay for one cleaning, you can get your carpets cleaned more than twice. Cleaner carpets ensure the health and safety of those living in your home.

Call Today for More Information!

Call us today for an exact quote on how much a carpet cleaning for your home would cost. We'll give you an estimate over the phone that leaves no surprises when we arrive at your house.



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